Ship-for-U Service

We are offering this service as a more convenient and cost-effective way for you to ship your Taobao purchases from China to Singapore & Malaysia!

We work with multiple forwarders & freight consolidators to offer you the option of choosing the forwarder that suit your needs best.

Here is the list of shipping rates for different forwarders

Rates for Singapore

Rates for West Malaysia

Rates for East Malaysia


How It Works

Step 1 - Choose the forwarder you want to use

Step 2 - In Taobao, go to 我的淘宝 => 我的收货地址, and update the delivery address with the warehouse address & contact details of your chosen forwarder.

List of Forwarder Warehouse Addresses

Taobao Address Screenshot


Step 3 - Submit a new request for "Ship-for-U" service via our request management system (RMS), providing the following details
1. Your Taobao account ID (optional)
2. Shipment mode - Air or Sea
3. Declared value of your shipment
4. Attach & upload your completed packing list. (Download packing list template HERE)

Step 4 - Once your chosen forwarder has received all the items in your packing list, you will be notified via our online request management system (and through email) with the following details
1. Total shipping charges in RMB
1. Applicable SGD/RMB exchange rate
2. SGD amount payable
3. Our account details for the SGD transfer to us via PayNow, DBS PayLah, Internet transfer or ATM transfer

Step 5 - Once we have received your payment, the forwarder will process your shipment. You will be provided with a tracking number to track the status and progress of your shipment.