Terms For "Ship-for-U" Service


Shipments Rates

Rates quoted are in the respective currencies as indicated, and exclude Goods & Services Taxes (GST) or any other taxes.

Customers will be informed of any GST or other taxes payable whenever they are applicable.

All forwarders reserve the right to change their rates at any time, and the latest rates will be reflected on our website.

Rates are not guaranteed until full payment has been received from the customer.

Rates quoted are applicable for General Goods only.

Additional surcharges are applicable for sensitive goods, e.g. batteries, liquids, etc., and are subjected to acceptance & approval by shipper/forwarder. We will notify you of any surcharges should your shipment contains sensitive goods.

Additional surcharges are also applicable for value-added services such as crating service, etc.


Customer's Responsibilities

Customer is responsible for arranging the shipping of their purchases to the warehouse(s) of their chosen forwarder.

Customer is responsible for all declaration of their shipments.

ConsolHive will not be responsible for any delayed deliveries or additional charges due to wrong declarations by the customer.

Delivery lead-times are calculated only after your purchases have reached the warehouse(s) of your chosen forwarder.


For Air Shipments

The chargeable weight will be the higher of either the declared, actual weight or volumetric weight.

The volumetric divisor is 6,000, and the volumetic weight is Length x Breadth x Height (cm) / 6,000.
For example, the volumetric weight of a package measuring 40cm (L) x 30cm (B) x 20cm (H) will be 40x30x20/6,000 = 4.0kg


For Sea Shipments

Minimum charge of 1 cubic metre (CBM) is applicable.

If the actual weight exceeds 500kg, the applicable CBM is computed based on actual weight / 500kg


Updated on 30 October 2017